Galaxy of Endeavors

Explore my creative ventures and see the world through the lens of my projects.

AI Room Generator

  • AI-powered room generation with different themes, styles and colors.
  • Explore generations by other users and share your creations.
  • Clean UI with light and dark mode.
AI Room Generator


  • Diverse challenges, competitive developer leaderboard, job board, and much more.
  • Explore a competitive developer leaderboard where you can measure your progress, compare your performance, and strive for the top spot.
  • Share your profile with your friends and earn points.
Coming Soon

Web-based File Manager

  • Remote upload and drag-and-drop functionality streamline file transfers.
  • Modern interface enhances user experience while ensuring seamless navigation.
  • Trash and Logging feature provides a safety net for accidental deletions.
Web-based File Manager

App Store Website

  • Fully SEO-friendly design ensures improved search engine rankings for increased discoverability.
  • Modern and responsive interface for seamless user interaction.
  • Admin, editor, and viewer roles facilitated through an intuitive control panel.
App Store Website

Reddit AdBlocker

  • Lightweight Chrome extension efficiently blocks Reddit ads for seamless navigation.
  • Tailor your Reddit experience to your preferences with easy-to-use features and controls.
  • Compatibility with different versions enhances accessibility and usability for all users.
Reddit AdBlocker